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Welcome to the end of the world.
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I worry about me, too by ImaginationStarts
I worry about me, too
Didn't realize today was Undertale's release anniversary. Spur-of-the-moment upload, I'll clean it up over the weekend when I have no homework.
(Category under digital, 'cause once it's finished it will be.)
Nowhere Toucan!Sans Light in the Void - Color by ImaginationStarts
Nowhere Toucan!Sans Light in the Void - Color
Sans Seraphim based on TratserEnoyreve's wonderful little Undertale AU The Thought. Go read it.… or…
Actually, play Undertale first, then go read The Thought.

Love the story going on in The Thought, and I love the Sans Seraphim design. I know many in the fan base like to draw Sans crying, but I particularly like the bone protrusions that make him look like he's always crying, while not actually crying.
I hope Trats doesn't mind me sharing a variation. Mostly kept close to the comic artwork, but without the scarf-floof. Don't misunderstand, I love the floof, but I kinda wanted to visualize where the wings attach.

Bone accuracy/differences have been mentally attributed to Sans being a monster, and not 
needing to comply with a human skeletal structure. Though, I do wonder about the bat/dragon wings: leathery or scaly (or both; arm-digits, webbing membrane)?

Originally sketched in pencil then scanned, and rest done in Photoshop Elements. Likelihood of ever drawing more Undertale Fanart: Slim.

Also, because I'm flattered; The Thought's author was kind enough to comment on this while it was in my, but that only shows up if you switch the comment view to that of So, the piece has been seen, just never showed up on their tumblr blog.

Edit 3/26/16: Might edit a few things now that TratserEnoyreve has shared a pretty reference sheet for the Toucan.
Bunny by ImaginationStarts
Not quite done yet, I need to put on the eyes and tail.
Made from pattern. Scrap-denim.



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Interests be a fan of something because it's popular, because 'everyone else is.' It's another thing to like something for what it is, despite its popularity or lack of.
That being said, I like Rockman in spite of the stagnation, I like MLPony in spite of the crazy part of the fan base, and I like peanut butter in spite of it sticking to the roof of my mouth. And yes the last had to be said because THAT'S THE POINT! Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, and opinions. Just because I don't like dill doesn't mean I mock the people that do. Just because I like mushrooms doesn't mean I look down on people that don't. And just because I don't approve of someone's actions, doesn't mean I can't be kind to them.
And I've run out of steam. Or words.

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